DatingOne question every dater would ask would be where to spend the first date. As much as possible, you want everything to go smoothly. Your first date experience is a deciding factor for a second, third or fourth date. So, where to spend your first date?

Eating Out. A classic date would involve a dinner and a movie. However, on your first date, you should go on to a noncommittal dinner date. A dinner date can leave an open time for conversations. Open up the conversation while you are still waiting for you to be served.

It is very important that you master the art of communication. Every relationship would require both parties to be open and communicate freely. If you are too nervous to think of any topic, you can ask her casual questions like her birth order in the family, when was her last vacation and where she went, what her hobbies are, etc.?

Window Shopping, Anyone? Window shopping is an unconventional way to spend your first date, but it could be fun-filled and adventure-filled first date experience. Just like eating out, walking around the mall is a good way to get to know your date. If you would go window shopping on your first date, please be prepared with spare cash. It is a good gesture to buy your date something from the mall. Pick something out that she likes while you are looking around. Sneak into the store while she’s looking around, and give it to her over lunch. Surprise her. She would surely appreciate it.

Adventure In The Amusement Park. A visit to a local fair or amusement park is a fun first date experience. You can enjoy rides together and contest on who hits the most targets in shooting games, arcade games, and you can win that cute teddy bear for her, and buy a cotton candy you can share. Amusement parks and county fairs are a one-stop shop for a fun first date. Food and rides are readily available. You won’t run out of activities to do at an amusement park.

Just a piece of advice before you decide to window shop or visit an amusement park on your first date, you have to ask your date if it is okay for her to walk around or stand for a long period of time. Going out on a dinner date doesn’t require much walking or standing, so that is okay. Make sure that you consider her comfort, and not just yours.