Richard La RuinaZero to hero classics hardly come any better than the story of Richard La Ruina, currently rated as the highest PUA in Europe. The London based entrepreneur, dating coach and now author has risen from the very bottom to become the most sought after face in media relationship talk shows. Despite his countless pieces concerning relationships, The Natural Art of Seduction, published in April 2012, remains his highest profile task. The book revolves around doing away with routines and scripted lines that men have always relied upon to attract women. So what exactly does Richard suggest, and how effective has his book been among its readers?

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Learn from His Mistakes

If you have been looking for some inspiration to light up your inexistent dating life then look no further than this title. By the age of 21, Richard La Ruina had never dated a lady, let alone kissed one. However, after years of reading self improvement books, upgrading his fashion sense and learning London’s the pick up tricks, things are much better today. Despite the innumerable mistakes he made along the way, the biggest lesson in the book is the fact that he never gave up. The progress may have been slow, but at least he never paused to look back.

Step-By-Step Guide

The Natural by Richard LA Ruina takes a step by step approach that will be easy to follow even for the least conversant when it comes to dating. Along the way you get to catch some glimpses of his personal diary entries in what he calls “Evolution of a Natural”. These entries focus on one of the most productive time of his life, spanning the one year period from March 2006. The book is testament to the age-old fact that success in the dating scene ultimately depends on perseverance and commitment. If it was easy then everyone will be doing it.

Know Your Personality

Majority of relationship guides try to carve out an alpha male from every man. However, Richard’s approach is to assist you to build upon your natural attractiveness and personality without trying to mimic someone else. The gleaming reader reviews the book has received on online forums suggest the theory is finally being put into good practice.
Most of readers admit they have managed to find a place in one of the book’s three characters: “Mr. Comfort”, “Mr. Sociable” and “The Seducer”. By the time you are done reading The Natural by Richard La Ruina, you should be able to tweak your personality depending on the occasion, thereby attracting the lady of your dreams.