Experience is the best teacher. You can read so much about how to win a woman over or how to successfully woo someone, gain her trust, and bring her straight to bed. There are just too many How-To’s in the internet you can read on, but none of which will be proven effective if you won’t try it. You will not become a perfect pick up artist without you walking the talk. It is time for you to get out and practice what you have devotedly studied for months.

Your own experience will be the one to make a difference in your life. There are many theories and principles on how to successfully seduce a woman into your bed. However, it is still up to you to learn it outside the four walls of the classroom or your bedroom. A theory will remain a theory, unless proven right. The best thing to do, once you are out in the world, is to have fun. Remember that the world is your playground, and the women are your playmates. You just have to be confident of yourself and what you know, and everything will fall into its rightful places. Act natural and speak your mind. If you find someone attractive then go out of your shell and tell her. Don’t hide the fact that you are attracted to her, who knows she is attracted to you as well.

A good pick up artist is confident. He knows how to have fun, and he has the balls to say things to a woman that other men couldn’t or wouldn’t. You will eventually find out how liberating becoming a pick up artist would be once you step out of the shadows, and play the same game hundreds of men are playing. Practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the freer you will feel. And the more natural you will be around women.

Once you are out there, you also have to think that you are doing what you are doing not for selfish reasons. You also have to make the experience fun for the women you are with. You have to make it exciting and fun-filled for them. Remember that pleasure has to go both ways. You are not a good pick up artist if you don’t know how to please a woman, and give her a fun and exciting night – one that she will remember the rest of her life.