Dating has been, and will always be, part of the social nature of men and women. Dating and courting has been in the human civilization since the concept of civilization was discovered. It is as old as the ancient times. Dating is even found in other animal kingdoms. Take dolphins as an example. Dolphins commit themselves to their one true partner and stick to them until the end. As you can see, dating goes way back, and it will always be part of everyone’s life.

For humans, dating starts on the teenage years. You must remember the first time you have gone out on your date. Perhaps, it happened on your prom night. You must feel like flying with the clouds when you first went out on a date with your crush. Dating is a milestone that everyone is supposed to enjoy in a lifetime’s journey. Dating is the time when a girl meets the boy who she has a crush on forever. Dating will always be part of the social ritual that everyone will go through. And you must have felt like a million bucks when you started dating out in the open where everyone can see.

As times go by, the face of dating has changed. You can read about more changes at Stealth Attraction, Before, dating was called courting in the thousands of years that have come to pass. Courting, is like a tug of war between two persons. You have to pull and be pulled at the same time. Courting is the time that two singles give time to get to know each other. This is the time when a man woos a woman so that they can become friends. Further down the line, the courtship goes on and the friendship that has developed over time has transformed into something much deeper. This courtship is now known as dating in the modern and contemporary world. However, dating is not that similar to the ritualistic courting. Modern day dating is more open, and that same thing has become the big difference between the olden day courting and the modern day dating.

Modern day dating is much more complicated than the olden day courting where impressing someone is the main objective of the game. Impressing someone is just a fraction of the entire reason why someone is dating in the contemporary times. Dating is the result of hormonal overload that is the result of growing up. Nowadays, dating is equivalent to finding your first sexual encounter, or finding the lifelong partner that you have dreamt about day in and day out, or it is an act that can continue for months or years. It is something that could spark an impending romance between two individuals or something that is destined to bring someone an electrifying heartbreak.

No matter what kind of definition you provide dating, it will always remain true to itself. Dating is about meeting new people and enjoying the journey while getting to your destination. Dating will always be something that you provide meaning to. Before you go out on a date, you just have to make sure that you know what it is that you are looking for. Paint a picture for yourself and envision it. When you are finished painting a picture for yourself, then it is time for you to go out there and find the best platform that best suits your dating needs.