Here are some tips from stealth attraction that you should remember when creating your online dating profile. These tips have been tried and tested, so these will surely help you entice online daters on the way:

  • Get To Know Yourself. Most often than not, online daters get stuck when they are asked to describe themselves in a rectangular box. If you are not quite sure what to write, you should follow this helpful tip. Before you create your profile, try asking a close friend or a close family member about how they see you as a person, son, or friend. Your friends and your family members are a good source of information.
  • Be creative about your username. Even when others find no importance on setting up a creative and catchy username, you should not make the same mistake. While creating your username, you should also remember to make it something that would give the readers a hint of your personality (CowboyRacer, MusicLoverGeek, and others). You should avoid using clichés and avoid sounding desperate, though.
  • When writing about yourself. Aside from asking for input from your closest friends and family, you should also consider writing this part of your profile as if you are writing to apply for a job. Ask yourself about the selling points that will interest someone the moment he or she reads your profile. Be your own marketer and salesperson.
  • It’s all about being honest. It is just natural to embellish some facts especially when you are trying to sell yourself. However, try to resist doing so because honesty is a must if you want to find someone honest online too. After all, you don’t want someone to fall in love with the false you.
  • Create a catchy headline. Your headline is one of the things that online daters will see first when browsing profiles online. If you have a catchy headline, your chances of being visited and attracting someone you might like is higher than not having an eye-catching headline.
  • You should know what you are looking for online. Aside from getting to know yourself, you also have to ask yourself what is it that you want from online dating. This will create a profile of the person that you want to meet online. If you don’t know what you are looking for, it would be like walking in a completely dark room. You will not know where you are going or where you will be headed.
  • Choose the best recent photo of you. Yes, you should only post a photo that is recently taken. You don’t want to surprise the person from the other line once you get to chat on cam. As mentioned earlier, honesty is a must, and you should show it through your photo, as well.
  • Mean what you say, and make sure it gets across. You have to remember that you are communicating through the internet. Emotions and tone of voice is not transmitted through the chat room whenever you are talking to someone. With this in mind, you have to make sure that your message gets across. If you are not sure that you are understood, make clarifications or asked if the other party is on the same page as you.
  • Check your competition. As you know, thousands or millions of single is registered in a single dating site. This means that your every man or woman on the same dating site is your possible competition. Browse through the profiles online and see what make the profiles stand from the rest. Check how their profiles are written, and ask yourself what you can do to make your profile better from the rest.
  • Check your spelling. You don’t want to put yourself in an embarrassing position by not checking your spelling. More often than not, online daters commit this mistake, which would turn off the potential suitor. Thus, you have to make sure that you proofread before hitting the “save” button. Check out more stuff from Richard La Ruina stealth attraction.
  • Try to avoid using corny pick up lines. Remember, originality is a key when it comes to being attractive and catchy online. Clichés and corny pick up lines are too used up that it will not be surprising to find a profile or two with the same line. If you write, “Are you the one?” on your profile, do you think that women or men would read through everything? That line does not show anything interesting. And frankly, writing that makes you look desperate.

Online daters have one thing in mind, to find someone to date. If you write such clichés and corny pick up lines on your profile, you are decreasing your chances of standing out. You just have to remember to be unique and original. Talk about yourself and the unique things that make you interesting.